Link building is an important factor of SEO and is included in the off-page SEO category. Link building strategy plays a vital role in improving the website’s ranking and increasing the traffic to the website. In off-page SEO, link build is a way of increasing website traffic and boosting website rankings on the search engines.

Link building is one of the prominent factors considered in ranking the websites on the first page of google. Our team of experts has discussed the basic and fundamental types of link building links for the sake of off-page SEO as follows:

Inbound Links:

The inbound links are the first type of link building, which is also known as the backlink building. In this type of link building, the hyperlinks are built on other websites, and website traffic comes to the required website from other websites.

For getting much more traffic using the backlinks, you have to create quality inbound links. In other words, creating backlinks on high-quality websites can increase website traffic. Google considers backlinks as a prominent factor in ranking the websites and web pages on the first page.

Outbound Links:

Outbound links are another type of link building in which the hyperlinks are created on your website to send website traffic to other websites. Google also provides great importance to outbound links while ranking the website on the first page. So, outbound links are also a very useful factor for improving the ranking of the website.

Internal Links:

Internal links are another type of link building in which your own website links are created on some other pages of your own website. Internal links can help you in engaging the visitors for more time and as a result, your ranking in search engines gets improved. Moreover, the website visitors can get to know about the structure of your website pages.

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Top Tools For Checking Backlinks   

Backlinks are an essential part of off-page SEO and can increase the traffic and ranking of your website. But for ranking your website pages on top, you have to get backlinks from the top quality websites. Moreover, there can be some spamming websites, and you have to avoid these websites for creating backlinks. To prevent spam backlinks and get the top quality backlinks, you have to work hard to search such websites.

But there are several tools available for searching backlinks related to your website. These tools can help you in doing complete SEO and finding top quality backlinks for your website. Most people use WordPress websites, and for search engine optimization of their website, they use plugins like Yost. But for building backlinks, they get confused while selecting a tool. We have discussed some of the tools that can help you in checking available backlinks for your website.    


SEMRush is a very famous tool that is used to find out the available backlinks for your website. It can also provide useful information about backlink features and backlink analytics.            


LinkMiner is another very useful and handy tool for available search backlinks. It can also help you in finding the lost backlinks, and no follow backlinks. Most SEO experts prefer this tool for searching and checking backlinks for your website. It only provides nine days free trial.


Ubersuggest is another tool used for searching backlinks and performing other SEO functions for your website. It can help you in searching keywords and backlinks for your website.

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